Time Frames

Please note the minimum timeframes from the date of your test when requesting your results, unless your doctor indicates otherwise:

  • Blood tests, swabs, urine and stool samples - 1 week
  • Sputum sample - 2 weeks
  • ECG (heart tracing) - 1 week
  • X-rays, ultrasound and scans - 2-6 weeks
  • CT & MRI scans - 4-6 weeks
  • 24 hour blood pressure or heart rate monitor, 7 day heart monitor & echocardiogram (heart scan) - 4 weeks
  • Endoscopy & Colonoscopy - 4 weeks
  • Smear/HPV Test - 8 weeks (your results will be sent directly to your home address)

For investigations ordered by a hospital doctor, please ask the hospital how they will get the result to you

GPs are not responsible for giving out test results done by hospital specialists


Requesting Your Results

Please make sure the suggested time frame has passed before phoning up for results and ONLY PHONE AFTER 2pm

You can also request test results via our Contact Us Online Service

Generally normal test results do not get phoned through to patients due to the large volume of results that we process every day.

Adults' results will not be given to anyone other than the patient, except in exceptional circumstances.


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What happens if my result is abnormal?

If a result is abnormal or needs actioning, a doctor, nurse or one of our receptionists will be in touch.

This will be by either telephone or letter

The administrative staff will give results to you only if this has been agreed by the doctor otherwise you may be asked to speak to the nurse or doctor or they will be messaged to get back to you.